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Marty the Robot is unlike any other robot used in CS education. Marty is a fully programmable and customizable humanoid walking robot that can be used by learners age 5+. Supported by teaching resources that align with CSTA standards, Marty is an exceptional out-of-the-box STEM learning solution. 
Testimonials from teachers:
"We always felt something was lacking for the younger kids. We wanted to introduce them to coding and robotics without the frustration of being too hard for them. The minute I brought Marty out of the box, the kids' reaction was incredible. They were cheering; they loved it. Very easy to get started - we had it moving within 10 seconds out of the box" - Chris Butt, Technology Teacher, Glenview Public School, Ontario Canada.

"Our school received a two-week trial of Marty the Robot V2, and to say it was fantastic is an understatement! We used Marty across the whole school during STEM lessons. The children thoroughly enjoyed being challenged to control Marty, test his sensors around an obstacle course and even make him dance. We can't wait to continue to learn with him." - Hannah Steele, Class Teacher, Rigside Primary School