The CS Teaching Excellence Awards are designed to recognize outstanding teaching by K–12 computer science teachers. Winners excellence in inspiring students to explore the computer science field; engaging students in learning rigorous standards-aligned, computer science content; and broadening participation of underrepresented students in computing. 

The Awards 

Up to five winners and five honorable mentions will receive: 

  • A cash prize ($5,000 for winners, and $1,000 for honorable mentions)

  • An all-expenses-paid trip to the CSTA Annual Conference and recognition on stage during the opening keynote of the conference

  • A featured article that shares their work in CSTA’s The Voice

Eligibility Requirements

To apply for the CS Teaching Excellence Award, you must:

  • Live in the United States

  • Teach K–12 Computer Science

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*Current CSTA Board Members, staff and their immediate family are not eligible for any awards with prizes attached.

Application & Review

The application is broken up into two sections. 

Part One

Applications closed March 4th, 2020. 

  • Applicant background information

  • Three short essays describing your teaching experience (1500 characters maximum) 

    • How do you inspire students to study computer science? 

    • In what ways have you supported students growing their computer science knowledge and skills? How do you evaluate the efficacy of your teaching practice?

    • How do you intentionally work to broaden participation for underrepresented students in computing (e.g., students of color, young women, students with disabilities)? Where possible, provide specific examples and the outcomes of this work.

Part Two

This application will be available mid-March 2020 and individuals selected from the first application part will be notified if they are to move on to part two of the application process. Application part two will close April 10th, 2020.

If you are selected from the first round, you will be invited to submit a full award application, which includes:

  • An artifact from your CS teaching experience and a description of how it represents your teaching practice. This can be a lesson plan, a project with a rubric, or another document that was created or modified by you and demonstrates your teaching. 

  • Three essays based on your teaching experience (maximum 3000 characters each)

    • In your initial application, you described at a high level how you inspire students to study computer science. What outcomes can you share that demonstrate this advocacy or encouragement of students? Please provide data, where possible, to highlight how students have been inspired to study CS (e.g., students participating in additional CS courses, increased enrollment in CS courses within your school, and/or individual student accomplishments). 

    • In your initial application, you described how you support students in growing their knowledge of CS. What outcomes can you share that demonstrate this growth? Please provide data to highlight how students grow on the computer science content covered in your classes and include trends for groups of students, not just individual achievements where possible. 

    • In your initial application, you described how you intentionally worked to broadened participation for underrepresented students in computing. Please describe how you engage those diverse students within the classroom environment, what specific strategies you have used, examples from the student experience, and outcomes of these efforts.(e.g., increased enrollment by young women in CS courses).

  • A recommendation form for a supervisor to submit on your behalf 

All application materials will be reviewed using this rubric

These awards were made possible by a grant from Infosys Foundation USA.

Past Awards for CS Teaching Excellence Winners: 


Nimmi Arunachalam 
Michelle Cannon
Elaine Griggs 
Jonathan LoPorto
Laura Ramirez 

Honorable Mentions
Michelle G. Lee
Lanna Mack 
Andrea Salas 
Kristie Steinlicht 
Leon Tynes 

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Sandra Czajka
Martin Fish
Bobby Oommen
Ryan Robidoux
Dylan Ryder
Eric Allatta
Jacqueline Corricelli
Karen Donathan
Farrah Falco
Steven Floyd
Ray Kinne
William Lau
Robert Luciano
Daniel Moix
Jared O’Leary