The CS Teaching Excellence Awards are designed to recognize outstanding teaching by K–12 computer science teachers. Winners excel in inspiring students to explore the computer science field, engaging students in learning rigorous standards-aligned computer science content, and broadening the participation of underrepresented students in computing. CSTA will select at least three K-5 CS teachers and three 6-8 teachers of the ten national winners. These awards were made possible by a grant from Infosys Foundation USA. 


Get Inspiration from the 2021 Winners

The Awards  

Thanks to funding from the Infosys Foundation USA, CSTA can expand this award to recognize fifteen individuals this year. Applicants will apply and be evaluated at the national level. Those applicants not selected for an award at the national level will be eligible to win our regional-level prizes. Applications will be reviewed amongst five regions in the United States; chapter membership is not required. 
Up to ten winners will receive: 
  • A cash prize of $7,500 
  • A scholarship to the CSTA Annual Conference in Chicago 
  • A featured article that shares their work published on CSTA’s The Voice, an interview in the CSTA+ newsletter, which will also run on The Voice, and/or will be featured in a video at the CSTA Annual Conference.
Up to five runner-ups will receive:
  • A $2,500 cash prize 
  • A scholarship to the CSTA Annual Conference in Chicago 
  • Recognition on CSTA’s website 
  • Recognition from the CSTA chapter region of the applicant 
15  Regional Awards to applicants who were not selected as finalists or runners-up. 
  • a $500 cash prize 
  • Recognition on CSTA's website 
  • Recognition via a regional awards ceremony

Eligibility Requirements

To apply for the CS Teaching Excellence Award, you must:

  • Live in the United States

  • Teach K–12 Computer Science

*While it is not required to be a CSTA member, membership is highly encouraged. Join now at

*Current CSTA Board Members, staff, and their immediate family are not eligible for awards with prizes attached.

If you have any questions, please reach out to
These awards were made possible by a grant from Infosys Foundation USA.

Past Awards for CS Teaching Excellence Winners: 

National Winners 
Nicholas M. Bousquet
Yolanda Kol
Adam Lueken
Melanie Haley Olson
Khamphet Pease
Samuel K. Puich
Agustin Sarmiento
Devon Senneseth
Timothy Clifford Swick
Catherine Tabor
Honorable Mentions 
Tonya Coats
Taghrid El Meliguy
Annie Kelly 
Mark Nechanicky
Adam S. Riazi 
Regional Winners 
Tina Kude 
Whitney Determan
Josephine Winter 
Jill V. Jones 
Pradip Misra 
Jessie L. McKinley 
Mark Snodgrass
Amy Fletcher 
Genevieve McLeish-Petty
Melissa Price 
Sharon Seaton 
James Cunningham 
South Carolina 
Sarah Tooley 
Denise Wright 
Robin L. Jones 
New England 
Nicole (NJ) Rivilis 
Allison Braley 
Laura Peters 
National Winners 
Mary Ann Cassidy 
Kathleen Effner 
Dr. Tamika Grizzle 
Benadette Manning 
Monika Moorman 
Regina Nadbielny 
Kyle Pierre 
Jeremy Schwartz 
Sonia Spindt 
Barbara Teterycz 
Honorable Mentions 
Michele Cislo 
Diniah Dean 
Jennifer Manly 
Amy Wright 
Heather Wright 
Regional Winners 
Anita Debarlaben 
Adam Lueken 
Daniel Ravury
Lakeisha Fuller 
Victor Hicks 
Philip Peavy 
David Lane 
Jonathan Lowe 
Chad Niedert 
New Jersey 
Gary Hull 
Nancy Ricca 
Danielle Vandenberg 
Ruth Farmery 
Kara Hass 
Eleanor Richard 

National Winners

Maria Camarena
Daryl R. Detrick
Vivienne Forrester
Mary Heishman
Visa Thiagarajan

Honorable Mentions 
Elizabeth A. Dierker
Jennifer Jones
Carolyn A. Petite
Brian Downing Smith
William Warren

Read more about the winners. 


Nimmi Arunachalam 
Michelle Cannon
Elaine Griggs 
Jonathan LoPorto
Laura Ramirez 

Honorable Mentions
Michelle G. Lee
Lanna Mack 
Andrea Salas 
Kristie Steinlicht 
Leon Tynes 

Read more about the winners.

National Winners 
Sandra Czajka
Martin Fish
Bobby Oommen
Ryan Robidoux
Dylan Ryder
National Winners 
Eric Allatta
Jacqueline Corricelli
Karen Donathan
Farrah Falco
Steven Floyd
Ray Kinne
William Lau
Robert Luciano
Daniel Moix
Jared O’Leary