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Join us for an extensive demo on Taken Charge! CSTA+ members get a free individual license to the platform and a discount on classroom/district purchases. 
What is Taken Charge?
Taken Charge® is the first educational game to receive the ISTE Seal of Alignment and align with current CSTA standards, providing standards-based engagement for students in 3rd through 9th grade. It utilizes game-based learning to teach technology fundamentals before moving on to more advanced topics such as coding and game design. Students are engaged in hands-on activities in virtual environments, motivating them and getting them excited about learning.
Taken Charge® features a complete and engaging storyline, filled with numerous characters, cinematics, and environments. Students will play as Siri, Adele, and Sonny and embark on an epic tech adventure to rescue their beloved dog Charge. Students will engage with 15 different modules that span technology foundation concepts through a user-friendly interface, creating a dynamic learning experience. Our program provides a foundation in STEM concepts with an introduction to digital literacy, which is needed to immerse in coding and robotic implementations fully.
Each lesson is rooted in three key components: teach, assess, and validate, providing a consistent engagement for students to build upon prior knowledge and gain confidence. Our platform highlights 6 key features:
Accessibility: play anytime, anywhere at your own pace, no plugins required with WebGL providing the opportunity for engagement during or after school hours
  • Game-Based Learning: defined learning outcomes with engaging stories and environments
  • Learning Management System: provide students constant systematic feedback with assessment and badge reports, manage multiple student accounts.
  • ISTE Seal of Alignment: the FIRST and ONLY accredited educational video series with full alignment for all assessments supporting our instructional methods and alignment.
  • Digital Badges: earn and share digital badges that identify the 21st Century skills students have acquired
  • Assessments: validate learning through multiple progressive mini-game assessment within each game
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