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Join us for an interactive and informative webinar, where we will take you on a journey through Learning Blade’s "Intro to Coding" course. This comprehensive course was designed to provide an easy way to introduce middle school students to coding and is aligned with CSTA level 2 standards. Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your coding toolkit with 20+ hours of online and offline student learning including robust teacher lesson plans and empower your middle school learners with a rich array of coding platforms. The professional development (PD) for this course is CSTA approved and free in many states. Check to see if LB is free in your state at www.LearningBlade.com/States

In this interactive and informative session, we will explore Learning Blade’s Intro to Coding course and empower educators to teach computer science to middle schoolers. You will be introduced to online lessons that cover topics such as The role of computers in society, Concepts of basic algorithms, Text-based code elements including statements, Variables, and comments, Common hacking methods and means for combatting them, and many more.

Additionally, you will gain firsthand experiences with teacher lesson plans for unplugged activities as well as online coding activities in a wide range of coding platforms. Each activity lesson plan was uniquely designed to engage and challenge young minds. From block-based coding environments to text-based programming languages, we will showcase diverse options that allow students to gradually progress in their coding abilities and build a strong foundation for future learning.

Educators will leave this session with the knowledge to implement Intro to Coding with students on and offline. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and empower your students with a rich array of coding platforms. Join us as we embark on an exploration of accessible tools that will ignite the passion for coding among your middle school learners.

Check to see if LB is free in your state at www.LearningBlade.com/States

Speaker Bio:

Jennifer Gregory is a state manager for Learning Blade focusing on district and school-wide implementation strategies. She attended Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL, earning dual bachelor's degrees in Mathematics and Secondary Mathematics Education. She is a former AP Computer Science Teacher and a four-year secondary math and computer science educator with experience teaching in Tennessee and Colorado. She values that her work supports educators in getting started with Computer Science education.

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