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CSTA+ membership includes access to a CodeHS Microcredential exam. This exam allows teachers to earn a CodeHS Certified badge to prove mastery of a computer science topic.

CSTA+ Members can unlock a FREE CodeHS Microcredential exam! In this webinar, you'll learn about redeeming this benefit and how to prepare for a CodeHS Microcredential exam. CodeHS Microcredentials provide educators recognition for the programming skills and knowledge they’ve gained inside and outside the classroom. You'll earn a CodeHS Certified badge you can display in your email signature, website, or portfolio. Microcredential exam options include Java, JavaScript, Python, Cybersecurity, Web Design, or Web Development.

Speaker Information:

  • Based in Chicago, M.R. Halloran comes to the CodeHS Professional Development team after several years of teaching in urban K12, community center, and virtual environments. MR earned her BA in Secondary Education with an English Language Arts and Teaching English as a Second Language focus. Passionate about making education accessible and engaging to all, she regularly adapted curriculum and methodologies for special needs, English Language Learners, and at-risk students. She believes people from every walk of life can have a seat at the table in the computer science and technology world – no matter where they’re beginning.