A successful CS pathway starts with a foundation that is built as early as kindergarten. Existing coding games and block-based programming tools already provide an excellent introduction to CS for pre-4th grade students, but once the foundation is laid it is crucial to build on those skills and not let students languish using the same tools.

If the goal is to have CS education continue from K to 12 and beyond, students need to be able to leave blocks and toys behind for real-world coding. Students recognize “gratuitous educational content” when they see it. To ensure that girls and underrepresented groups are not marginalized or turned off we need to remember that there is more to CS education than building games.

Join us as we share how schools and districts around the US are making real-world Python coding accessible to teachers and students starting as early as 4th grade. This is a great opportunity to hear from industry experts, share real classroom experiences, and explore an innovative Python pathway that maximizes student engagement and success in computer science.

Webinar participants will leave with:

  • Deeper insight on when to make the move from blocks to Python.
  • Insight on how authenticity is the catalyst for student engagement.
  • Updates on how Firia Labs customers are reaching all students.
  • The ability to connect Python coding to continued CS education, higher education, and careers.
  • Better insight on how teachers can be ready to facilitate Python learning.
Speaker Bio: Since 1996, Daniel Bird has worked in the education, development, testing, and certification industries. Daniel has worked in K-12, higher education, workforce, and correctional education sectors to provide career and college readiness solutions to improve student outcomes. He also has industry experience through the development and implementation of large-scale projects for Microsoft, the United States Army, the Navy, and Air Force, Starbucks, California Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, IBM, as well as other public and private sector organizations​​​​​​.