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Join us for a webinar that covers how to get your youngest learners engaged and excited about CS and robotics. Research shows that children respond to, and connect more deeply with a humanoid robot that looks and behaves like themselves. Join Chris Butt, a Technology Teacher at Glenview Public School in Canada, as he talks about his experience using Marty, a humanoid robot created by Robotical. CSTA+ Members in the US and Canada can get a free 2-week Trial!
Here's what to expect from this webinar:
Chris Butt, Technology Teacher at Glenview Public School will:
  • Review his experience with Marty the Robot for his K-5 students.
  • Talk about using Robotical's Learning Portal to help direct lessons 
  • Cover how Marty compares to using other robots in the classroom
  • Talk about using Marty to help meet curriculum expectations as well as cross-curricular adaptations to help reach all students
Michael Sinclair, Robotical's Learning Experience Manager, will cover:
  • How to get your youngest learners excited about learning how to code
  • How to use Robotical's complementary learning and teaching resources, with a demo of the Learning Portal and a lesson plan
  • Work to your students' level - how to extend the outcomes from the lessons for students who excel and how to support those who require additional help.
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