When you submit your projects, you will have the option to be judged at the in-person Technovation Girls Massachusetts Live Showcase event. 
If you do not opt to participate in this event, you will automatically be added to the global virtual judging pool. Please read below for an explanation of the judging process and how to add your team to the in-person Showcase.
Judging Process
There are multiple rounds of judging. First round, then semi-finals, then finals.
All teams are scored in the first round. Top scoring teams globally move on to the semi-final round. There are two ways for a team to move on from the first round to the semi-final round:
1. Virtual judging: teams that choose this option are in a global pool of all teams that choose this option.
2. In-person event judging: as long as we have at least eight teams in a division participate in the live event, we are guaranteed to have some teams move on to the semis. This is obviously a smaller pool of competitors, so we encourage teams to choose this option when they submit their projects. It is also a great experience to be able to show off your work in-person.
How to Choose the Live Event
1. Log in to the Technovation platform and go to your dashboard
2. Select “Pitch Your Project “ under the To-Do list in the right-hand column
3. Select “Add an Event”
4. Select “Technovation Girls Massachusetts Showcase”
5. Confirm your selection
If you want to participate in the live Showcase, you must choose the event by April 28th.
Tickets are not needed for this event.  Instead, you register on the Technovation site!
About Progress
Our gracious host, Progress, is a company that specializes in creating software development tools and platforms. These tools are like the building blocks that developers use to create all sorts of digital solutions, from mobile apps to web applications and everything in between.
Here are some of their case studies you can read about:
  1. NASA – NASA Brings Mars to Earth with Telerik DevCraft
  2. Ascanio – Progress Telerik Powers Analytics Development for Mixed Reality Training Software Leader
  3. Volkswagen – Volkswagen Slovakia Implements Progress Flowmon to Provide IT Teams Insight into its Complex Infrastructure