Puzzle pieces showing people, circuits, and indicators of identityChapter Inquiry Groups

The CSTA Chapter Inquiry Group is a one-year program where facilitators receive training to facilitate monthly professional learning community (PLC) meetings that engage a consistent group of CS educators in identity-inclusive CS topics, practice safe conversations, and build community. 

These regional, facilitator-led sessions will help teachers better understand topics in a more intimate environment than traditional PD, allowing them to engage with local CSTA Chapter members they already know. Facilitators will form their own community of practice to collaborate, help us revise the program and curriculum, and plan content for future years. 

Program Details


Two facilitators will lead each Chapter Inquiry Group. These facilitators do not need to be CSTA Chapter Leaders. In the pilot year, facilitators will receive a $1,000 stipend to meet the following responsibilities:

  • Complete the self-paced Identity Inclusion Course during summer 2022.

  • Complete Facilitators Training during fall 2022 (three 2-hour sessions).

  • Facilitate five monthly 90-minute meetings (Jan.-May 2023).

  • Participate in two Community of Practice meetings and provide program feedback (two sessions + surveys).


A minimum of 10 teachers will participate in each Chapter Inquiry Group (beyond the facilitators). Participants will:

  • Complete the self-paced Identity Inclusion Course during fall 2022.

  • Participate in five monthly 90-minute meetings (Jan.-May 2023).

Identity Inclusion Course

course logo: yellow apple with thumbprint in middle and circuit lines in backgroundPrior to participating in the Chapter Inquiry Groups, participants and facilitators will complete the self-paced “Identity Inclusion for K-12 CS Educators” online professional development course. This allows participants with varying understanding of identity-inclusive topics to learn foundational topics without impacting the pace and learning experience of the overall inquiry group. This 10-hour course will prepare teachers to meet the following objectives:

  • Get to know yourself and how your intersectionality translates to privilege and marginalization.

  • Explore the race construct and examine the cycle of oppression.

  • Reflect on race perspectives & facilitate safe conversations.

  • Combat implicit biases and promote inclusivity.


The lead Chapter will receive a grant of $750 to support expenses associated with hosting the PLCs (e.g., meals, supplies, swag, and participant stipends; alcohol and entertainment are not permissible). CSTA may ask for a full accounting of the funds expended, including receipts. The lead Chapter must be set up to receive funding in order to receive a grant (i.e., must be part of Group Exemption OR have a Fiscal Agent who can receive funds on your chapter’s behalf). Chapters may apply for additional funds through the CSTA Chapter Grant program.







Chapter Inquiry Group Facilitators Kickoff

7/20/2022 - 9/30/2022


Facilitators Complete “Identity Inclusion for K-12 CS Educators” Online PD Course



Facilitator Training Part 1 + Course Midterm Check-in



Chapter Inquiry Groups Kickoff: Participants attend a CSTA- or facilitated-hosted kickoff event

10/10/2022 - 12/18/2022


Participants Complete “Identity Inclusion for K-12 CS Educators” Online PD Course



Facilitator Training Part 2



Facilitator Training Part 3

Jan. 2023


Chapter Inquiry Meeting

Feb. 2023


Chapter Inquiry Meeting

Date TBD


Facilitators CoP Meeting

Mar. 2023


Chapter Inquiry Meeting

Apr. 2023


Chapter Inquiry Meeting

May 2023


Chapter Inquiry Meeting

Jun. 2023


Facilitators CoP Meeting


Tentative Curriculum

Pilot Program

CSTA is partnering with CSTA Chapters to pilot five Inquiry Groups between July 2022 and June 2023:

  • West: CSTA Sacramento + CSTA California Far North (facilitators: Rudy Escobar & Rebecca Bailey)

  • Central: CSTA St. Louis + CSTA Greater Houston (facilitators: Betty Chism & Henry Ramirez)

  • South: CSTA Alabama (facilitators: Shanna Hays & Yolanda Payne)

  • East: CSTA Maryland (facilitators: Quiana Bannerman & Andrea Robertson-Nottingham)

  • Northeast: CSTA Greater Boston + CSTA Western Mass (facilitators: Danielle Bodine & Dan Manseau)

We will expand to additional CSTA Chapters in 2023-24 and beyond. Contact Lily Mora to express interest or find more information.

Program Support

Alliance for Identity Inclusive Computing Education logoThis program is a project of the Alliance for Identity Inclusive Computing Education (AiiCE), led by Dr. Nicki Washington and Dr. Shani Daily at Duke University. It is supported by Alliance members who are leading training projects on identity-inclusive computing topics.NSF Logo

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