We’re so excited to welcome you as members of the Computer Science Teachers Association, and to invite you to join and participate in CSTA’s Virtual Community. 
We know that you’ve loved being part of CS for All Teachers, and are thrilled to be partnering with CS for All Teachers as they transfer many resources you’ve enjoyed engaging with into their new digital home in the CSTA Virtual Community. In addition to resources from CS for All Teachers, we hope that you’ll find a place to connect, get feedback, and share resources with an international community of CS teachers and advocates just like you.
Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Join CSTA

In order to access the Virtual Community space, you’ll need to join CSTA if you haven’t already. CSTA has two different membership options, including a free tier that includes access to our communities and our local chapters. Looking for more resources? Join as a CSTA+ member and gain access to classroom and professional discounts, self-paced online courses, and more. Fill out your application here — it takes less than five minutes to become a member!

Step 2: Check Out this Five Step, Quick Start Guide

Ready to dive in headfirst? This guide exists to help you immediately connect and collaborate with other CSTA members from around the world.

Step 3: Check Out and Join Communities of Interest

There are communities for everyone, and CSTA automatically places you in grade band communities based on your reported role. You’ll also be automatically added to your local chapter’s community when you join a chapter!
In addition to these groups, you can join a variety of discussion forums focused on specific courses, grade bands, special interest topics, local chapter groups, and identity-based affinity groups. Access the Virtual Community here.

Step 4: Stay in the Loop with Email Notifications

You can customize how many (or how few!) email notifications you receive from the virtual community. Watch this quick video to customize your notifications so you never miss a post!
We can’t wait to connect with you virtually! If you have any questions, please reach out to our membership team (membership@csteachers.org).