teachers and leaders discussing CSGuidance for K-12 Administrators

The Standards for CS Teachers focus on teacher professional growth, content knowledge and skills, equity and inclusion, instructional design, and classroom practice. K-12 administrators can learn how to support teachers' professional development, create plans for equitable recruitment, mitigate systemic barriers to equitable participation in CS, and what to look for when evaluating their computer science teachers. They can use a CS coaching toolkit to help teachers plan, implement, and reflect and an observation tool for collecting evidence and supporting teacher reflection on effective instructional practices.


UPDATED! Recognize evidence of effective CS teaching & learning.



NEW! Support the ongoing professional growth of teachers:

  • Ask teachers to use these Standards to reflect on their strengths and areas of growth.
  • Customize PD plans to meet teachers’ goals and varied background in CS.
  • Dedicate time for CS teachers to meet as PLC.
  • Support teachers with targeted coaching and mentoring. 



Create plans for equitable student recruitment:

  • Provide hands-on exposure opportunities for all students (e.g., Hour of Code) and highlight how CS is creative and critical to solving real-world problems.
  • Provide counselors with training and resources.
  • Reflect on disaggregated data showing who enrolls and persists in CS.



Mitigate systemic barriers to equitable participation in CS. Reflect and plan system-wide implementation.

  • Ensure CS course offerings avoid scheduling conflicts (e.g., music and ELD).
  • Remove all prerequisites from introductory CS courses.
  • Budget and provide access to  instructional materials and devices.
  • Create intentional, coherent CS pathways built on progression across grades.
  • Dedicate school funding and resources to support CS programs.