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Preservice teachers from University of Indiana teach a CS lesson to 5th graders

Preservice teacher education programs provide practicum experiences for teacher candidates where they can observe and practice teaching before they graduate. Inservice programs may or may not have field experiences as program participants are often practicing teachers in the classroom already. The best opportunity for teacher candidates to practice is through sustained practicums, however, if this is not an option, then the other types of field experiences provide opportunities for teacher candidates to observe and practice as well. Field experiences vary by when they occur in programs, by their purpose and by their learning goals, resulting in differing expectations for what teacher candidates should know and be able to do. The overarching goal, however, of field experiences is to provide teacher candidates the opportunity to develop and teach a CS lesson with feedback from an experienced teacher. Because CS is a new discipline and the local context varies in terms of state requirements for field experiences and teacher licensure, education programs have found a number of creative ways to provide these experiences.



Jen Rosato, Michelle Friend, Octavia Abell, Lauren Margulieux, Mahnaz Moallem, Louis Nadelson, and Anne Leftwich


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