person completing online PD, shown with notebook and computerAs a CS teacher, you're constantly looking for ways to improve your practice but have limited time to do so, and it can be challenging to find quality PD on specific topics of interest. CSTA is pleased to provide a new way for members to gain knowledge and skills aligned to the CSTA Standards for CS Teachers.

Our online professional development (PD) courses provide a flexible, deep learning experience that you can complete at your own pace. Course content includes meaningful and interactive activities focused on application to your CS classroom -- you’ll do a lot more than just read and watch. Plus, you will experience asynchronous collaboration with other CS educators as you both give and get feedback and exchange ideas.

Registration for the spring session (April 3 to June 11) is now open. Because courses are self-paced, you can register at any point until two weeks before the end of the session (May 25). See links below to register for a specific course. Price for course varies based on length. All courses are free for CSTA+ members! 

Current Offerings

See the current online PD courses available, all designed specifically for K-12 CS educators. Click the titles to expand additional details.

Identity Inclusion for K-12 CS Educators course logo: apple outline with fingerprint and circuitry lines in background

Description: This course provides a foundational understanding of one’s self, the impact one has on others, and ways to foster safe and inclusive CS learning environments.

Audience: K-12 CS educators

Length: ~12 hours

Teaching Security course logo: two abstract figures modeling security threats

Description: This course helps high school teachers introduce important cybersecurity principles in their CS classrooms. It provides full lessons with hands-on, inquiry-based activities that allow students to explore for themselves how cybersecurity works.

Audience: High school CS educators

Length: ~4 hours

Additional Details


Varies by length ($39 - $99). Free for CSTA+ members!

Length & Pacing

Courses range from about 4 to 12 hours. See the course offerings above for an approximate number of hours suggested to complete each course.

Courses are self-paced. While we provide suggested pacing in each course, you could spend an hour per week, complete an entire course in a day, or do whatever works with your schedule. 


Courses will be offered in 10-week sessions:

  • Summer: July 20 - September 30, 2022

  • Fall: October 10 - December 18, 2022

  • Winter: January 3 - March 12, 2023

  • Spring: April 3 - June 11, 2023

Course enrollment will remain open until two weeks prior to the end of each term. 


CSTA courses are privately authored in Coursera (in collaboration with UC San Diego) and are currently not publicly searchable or accessible. CSTA members receive exclusive access to these courses.


Learners will receive a signed digital certificate documenting the number of hours of professional learning after completing each course. Check with your school, district, or state whether you can count these hours towards continuing education requirements.

How to Get Started

Click the Register button in the course offerings menu above to enroll in a specific course. Since all courses are free for CSTA+ members, we recommend that you first upgrade your membership or join as CSTA+ member.

CSTA will email course invitations to all registered participants on the first day of the session. If you registered after the first day of the session, you will receive your course invitation within one week. Look out for an invitation message from CSTA Online PD on Coursera ( Simply click the Join Group button in the message to join the course and get started. You will need to create a Coursera account if you do not already have one.

Enrollment Support

Please reach out to if you do not see your invitation, need to use a different email address than is used for your CSTA membership, or have recently become a CSTA+ member. We’ll be happy to help!