Quality PD Review Process

CSTA CS Teachers at PDcurates quality professional learning opportunities for K-12 computer science teachers. We aim to make it easy for CS teachers who have different needs and goals to find relevant PD opportunities through an interactive web display. We also display information about associated curriculum alongside the PD opportunities.


CSTA will publish an updated list of quality programs each quarter. Teachers can filter opportunities based on their grade level, experience level, course alignment, cost, and mode of delivery (e.g., online or in-person), and they can search more specific criteria. They can click a card to view more detailed information about PD and the associated curriculum and visit the program website.

Quality PD Indicators

An independent committee of experts evaluates submissions using a detailed rubric aligned to indicators of quality computer science PD from Vallaincourt & Schanzer (2018) and elements of effective teacher PD from Darling-Hammond, Hyler, & Gardner (2017):

  • Content Focus
  • Active Learning
  • Collaboration
  • Differentiation
  • Models & Modeling
  • Inclusivity
  • Accessibility
  • Feedback & Reflection
  • Scale & Sustainability
  • Efficacy
  • Ongoing Support
  • Sustained Duration
Our goal is not to “measure” PD, but rather to define a minimum level of quality and give providers multiple dimensions by which to demonstrate it.

Review Process

  1. Any provider can submit one or more programs for review at no cost by submitting an online form.
  2. At least two committee members independently review each submission.
  3. Committee co-chairs complete an additional review if there are disparities between the initial reviews.
  4. The committee discusses outstanding discrepancies and conducts additional reviews as needed.
  5. All submissions meeting the minimum threshold as defined by the committee will be included in the display. Co-chairs communicate results and feedback to providers.

Submission Deadlines

  • October 31, for publishing by November 30

  • December 31, for publishing by January 31

  • February 28, for publishing by March 31

  • April 30, for publishing by May 31

  • July 31, for publishing by August 31


The CSTA PD committee includes a diverse and esteemed group of experts who independently develops and maintains a trusted list of quality PD opportunities that are driven by the needs of CS teachers. Committee members include teachers, teacher supporters (e.g., administrators, coaches), researchers, and PD providers. In addition to reviewing submissions, the committee will also continuously improve the process and display, research and report on trends among current opportunities, and provide guidance for and community among PD providers.
  • Michelle Friend, University of Nebraska Omaha
  • Miles Berry, University of Roehampton
  • Carol L Fletcher, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Abigail Joseph, The Harker School
  • Michelle Lagos, American School of Tegucigalpa
  • James Koontz, West Springfield ES / Fairfax County Public Schools
  • Dawn Morrison, Alabama Department of Education
  • Laura Peters, Creative Computing Lab at the Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Andrea M Robertson-Nottingham, Code.org
  • Andrew Rothman, San Francisco Unified School District
  • Kim Wilkens, Tech-Girls and St. Anne's-Belfield School
  • Hana Zimmerman Karl, Open University of Israel
If you'd like to join the CSTA PD Committee for a two-year volunteer term, complete the CSTA volunteer application. New members will be added each fall.