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This three-part professional development (PD) was designed to be used by states, districts, and CSTA Chapters to help CS teachers understand the CSTA Standards for CS Teachers and reflect on their teaching practice. 


Overview of the Three Sessions

PD Overview

How to Implement

This learning experience can be presented in a three-hour event or broken out into smaller chunks of learning. We expect each part to be presented in under one hour. The three parts can be offered as a series over the period of three weeks, months, etc. If necessary, it can also be condensed into one longer session (1.5-2 hours).

Since there are multiple parts, we recommend recording sessions to allow those who were not able to attend one of the parts. This will allow participants to catch up to the rest of the group without being lost in the process.  

Each slide will have notes to help you plan for actions and/or what to say with the presented information.

In larger group environments, you may wish to recruit multiple facilitators with specific knowledge in elementary, middle, and high school levels to guide discussions in specific breakout rooms.  


Resources Available

As you begin to plan, we want to make you aware of all resources available to you. We have collected all resources in a Google Drive. We recommend that you pull up all resources associated with each part and make a copy for yourself (File > Make a Copy). This will allow you to personalize each file for your purposes. 

For each part, there is a separate slide deck, with speaker notes on each slide provided as guidance for facilitators, and a survey to provide participants at the end of the session. Additionally, there is a Self-Reflection Checklist Collaboration Opportunities Spreadsheet to accompany part 2 and the CSTA Roadmap for Professional Learning to accompany part 3.



Vicky Sedgwick, Deborah Seehorn, Dan Blier, and Joanne Barrett


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