CSTA has curated a strong network of CS educators and supporters who benefit from access to CS research, K–12 CS curriculum standards, and professional development. As a community partner, you can help us create an incredible membership journey and experience.
Partner with us to build a strong, locally focused, curriculum agnostic organization with priorities that support the CS education community, including:
  • Membership growth and chapter development
  • An expanded annual conference with a customizable experience
  • An updated approach to our CSTA standards alignment

Your support is fundamental to CSTA’s long-term vision:
  • Become the global voice of equitable access to resources that enable teachers to deliver a world-class CS education to their students.
  • Serve as an organization that supports a rapidly evolving membership base.
  • Drive chapter growth and improve overall chapter health.
  • Transform the annual conference into the premier convening for all CS teachers.
  • Diversify our programs and services to promote the organization’s operational sustainability.
Learn more about CSTA sponsorship and partnership opportunities by contacting: Daniel Rosenstein, Manager of Philanthropies and Community Partnerships.