CSTA's Volunteer of the Year Award is given by CSTA's Board each year to a dedicated volunteer who makes outstanding contributions to CSTA. This award is given out at the CSTA Annual Conference. 

2021 Volunteers of the Year — Jane Prey and Bobby Schnabel 

Both are at the end of their terms as CSTA board members after 4 years of service. Unlike past recipients, they are not as visible to the organization's members but have played a crucial role for CSTA during this timeframe. They have provided guidance to Jake in his role as Executive Director and have been essential in helping CSTA reestablish a financial foundation. Both Jane and Bobby were key advocates for CSTA as an independent organization through tough times, and both of them have provided invaluable advice not just to Jake, but to the Board of Directors as CSTA matured as an organization. Congratulations, Jane and Bobby! Thank you for all you’ve done for CSTA.

2020 Volunteer of the Year — Pat Phillips 

Of the award, Phillips said: Being selected as a CSTA Volunteer of the Year is an amazing honor. Little did I know nearly 20 years ago that I'd fall so madly in love with CSTA! The many volunteer tasks over the years — from working at the conference to writing CSTA research and curriculum-related projects and, of course, The Voice — enabled me to reach into the future to impact the lives of countless teachers and students. Along the way, I’ve met dedicated, awe-inspiring educators who I count among my dearest friends. Volunteering for CSTA should be on every CS educators bucket list. I guarantee you’ll be hooked.

Read more about Phillips' contributions to CSTA. 


2019 Volunteer of the Year — J. Phillip East

Of the award, Dr. East said, "I have always considered it an honor to serve on the committee. To be named volunteer of the year is almost overwhelming. I very much appreciate the recognition.  This is one of the two most enjoyable activities of my professional career."

Read more about Dr. East's contributions to the organization from Past CSTA Board Chair Fred Martin.