Erin Adams (She/Her)


• Invoice / Accounts Payable Questions
• Executive Scheduling Requests

My CSTA Story

Erin joined CSTA in 2024 with a passion for equity in education. Erin believes that education is the first and most fundamental place to make meaningful change for a more equitable world. She is excited to support the mission of CSTA in her role as Executive Assistant.

My Story

Dedicated to supporting executives in their mission to create positive change, Erin brings a unique blend of administrative expertise and a deep commitment to social justice and equity. With a background in executive assistance, event planning, and marketing and a passion for driving meaningful impact, she loves to serve in education-based nonprofits that are improving lives.

Erin brings nine years of administrative experience and is a 5-year member of the American Society in Administrative professionals where she earned her Professional Administrative Certification of Excellence.

Erin believes that effective executive assistance goes beyond administrative support; it involves anticipating needs, proactively identifying opportunities for improvement, and serving as a trusted partner in the pursuit of organizational success.

Erin is a nature enthusiast. She loves birding, basket weaving, herbal medicine and anything that involves deepening her relationship to the natural world. She also has a beloved dog, Swayze, who accompanies her on all her adventures.