Posted by Cate Sauer on Jun 09, 2021
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We’ve developed this post to help get you started on the brand-new CSTA Virtual Community!

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We’re so excited about the launch of the brand new CSTA Virtual Community – a place where you can connect with and get feedback from your fellow CS teachers and advocates. To help you make the most of your experience, we’ve developed this quick-start guide to help you learn the basics of the CSTA Virtual Community.

Step 1: Login and Update Your Profile Information

We have used your information from our member database to complete basic aspects of your profile in the online community, such as your city, country, profile picture, and professional role. You can update your profile picture by selecting the picture icon in the upper right-hand corner. Watch this video to learn more about what you can update!

Step 2: Check Out Our Communities 

Ready to engage?! We have automatically added individuals to the following groups depending on your professional role and program affiliation:
  • CSTA Public Community
  • Grand-Band Communities 
    • Kindergarten through 5th
    • 6th-8th
    • 9th-12th
  • CSTA Chapter Leader 
  • Computer Science Honor Society Advisor
  • CSTA Pride Affinity Group (Open for all to join!)
You can also join open groups like the CSTA Pride Affinity Group! More discussion groups will be created based on interest! 

Step 3: Engage in Discussions

A way to get value from the CSTA community is to engage in conversations! The CSTA community is a space just for CSTA members; here is your opportunity to collaborate and exchange ideas with others.
Want to start a new discussion? There are two ways.
  1. Go to Participate > Post a Message and then choose the communities you want to post your message. You can schedule a post by selecting “schedule” after drafting a message.
  2. Navigate into a community> Discussion > Post-New Message.
Don’t forget to engage in any polls!

Step 4: Connect with Others!

In the CSTA community, there is a directory where you can look for other members by name, company, or email address. Once you have connected with other members, you can view profiles, send messages, or add them as a contact.

Step 5: Get Resources

Start sharing resources, templates, and lessons in resource libraries of the discussion groups you are part of! If you need help, check out the Get Help/FAQ section found under the “Participate” tab.
Welcome to the CSTA Virtual Community. We can’t want to connect with you!