Posted by Gina Fugate on Mar 18, 2022

Text reads: Join the CSTA Equity Fellows. Saturday, April 2, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. EST. Equity in Action: COMMIT TO INCLUSION. 
Image includes three headshots of speakers at the event.
The 2022 Equity in Action Summit is a virtual event designed to bring K-12 computer science teachers together for a call to action to transform our approach in providing equitable CS education.

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The 2022 Equity in Action Summit is a virtual event designed to bring K-12 computer science teachers together for a call to action to transform our approach in providing equitable CS education.  We welcome teachers of all subjects, parents, students, and anyone who is interested in computer science to join us in learning, sharing, and empowering each other.  There are sessions applicable to all levels of PK-12 education!
This year’s emphasis is “Commit To Inclusion” and it includes four strands:
  • ACCESS + ibility
  • Representation
  • Removing Barriers in CS
  • Student Voice/Power

Opening Keynote

Sina Bahram headshot. He is the 2022 Equity in Action opening keynote.The summit kicks off with Sina Bahram, who will set the purpose for our day of learning, sharing his perspectives on welcoming disabled students to computer science. The participation amongst disabled students in STEM fields, especially computer science, is incredibly low due to systemic inequities in how we teach CS. In this keynote, Sina Bahram, a blind computer scientist and inclusive design/accessibility expert, will highlight more inclusive ways of teaching CS, share resources for accessible CS education, and remind us that it is our environments that are disabling, not our students that are disabled.
Sina Bahram is the founder of  Prime Access Consulting (PAC), which works with executives, policy makers, engineers, content creators, designers, and more. He is a consultant, computer scientist, researcher, speaker, and entrepreneur. In 2012, Sina was named a White House Champion of Change by President Obama for his work enabling disabled students to succeed in STEM.  Sina serves on and chairs various boards, conferences, committees, and working groups across corporate, non-profit, and research entities. He collaborates with the UN  and is an invited expert on the W3C ARIA working group.

Breakout Sessions

Within four breakout sessions, participants will select from different workshops that provide them an opportunity to dive deeper into topics ranging from sharing voice and power with students, examining practices that increase access to marginalized students in CS, inclusive teaching practices, affirming student identities, and culturally sustaining pedagogy and curriculum design.
ACCESS + ibilities
ACCESS + ibilities is an intentional play on words emphasizing access and abilities.  Lack of access results in exclusion. If you are interested in computer science resources that are accessible AND usable for ALL students, please check out this strand.  If you are wondering how something designed for the blind and visually impaired can be an integrative tool for all of your students, including those without disabilities, please check out this strand.  If you are a computer science teacher looking for resources, including free and low-cost tech, you should also look into this strand.
Representation in the computer science community acknowledges the need to validate and welcome diversity.  How can we help girls feel welcomed in a male-dominated career path?  How can we support black males pursuing computer science?  How does LGBTQ+ apply to computer science classrooms?  Join these sessions to learn how to consider that discrimination has discouraged rather than encouraged.  Join these sessions to create a hospitable and nurturing environment in your classroom.  
Removing Barriers in CS
What prevents students from pursuing or succeeding in computer science?  Do you have circumstances that make you as a teacher feel “stuck” on how to help your students?  Sessions in this strand are intentionally tackling a variety of real-world problems.  From teaching in rural communities to learning about assistive technology options in most technology devices, these sessions provide a wide variety of speakers and topics geared to help teachers help their students.  
Student Voice
We all want to be heard.  Student Voice sessions are designed to recognize the importance of being seen and being heard in powerful ways.  These sessions focus on the importance of identity and using computer science as a way to acknowledge and celebrate.  Are you interested in storytelling and art?  Are you interested in making a difference with music?  Learn about how computer science can give students a place for affirming expression.

Closing Keynote

The event will conclude with a keynote address from Jean Ryoo and Jane Margolis, co-authors of the graphic novel, Power On! In this keynote, Jean Ryoo and Jane Margolis will share resources/strategies that align to the new graphic novel, Power On! to teach CS equity in 6-12 classrooms. 
Jean J Ryoo Headshot. She is one of the 2022 Equity in Action closing keynotes.Jean J. Ryoo (she/her) is Director of Research of the UCLA Computer Science Equity Project. She previously worked with the Tinkering Studio of the San Francisco Exploratorium. Her research focuses on equity issues in STEM and computing education through qualitative examinations of student learning and educator pedagogy in both public schools and out-of-school contexts. Dr. Ryoo works in research-practice partnerships that explore topics regarding youth identity, agency, and engagement in relation to culturally responsive and sustaining STEM/computing education. 
Jane Margolis HeadshotJane Margolis is a Senior Researcher at UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies. She studies the underrepresentation of students of color and females in CS education as a window into segregation, systemic bias and inequality. She is the lead author of Unlocking the Clubhouse: Women in Computing (2002) and Stuck in the Shallow End: Education Race, and Computing (2008). In 2016 Margolis was awarded the Obama White House Champion of Change award for her work in CS education. 
Our passion is to continue providing a space to support each other as we take action and give our students CS superpowers to make a more just society. We look forward to growing and taking action together. RSVP to join us!