Are you interested in providing meaningful contributions to CSTA and helping oversee its long-term health? We encourage you to self-nominate – or share the application with those you believe would make a strong contribution to CSTA.   

Candidates for board positions should have a strong record of contributions to K-12 computer science education, have served in leadership roles in education or nonprofit communities, and are a CSTA member in good standing. 

CSTA is dedicated to promoting diversity in K-12 computer science education as well as on its Board. We strongly encourage all qualified individuals to apply. 

Board Representative Responsibilities  

Directors are required to attend two in-person Board meetings per year (including the combined Board Meeting and CSTA Annual Conference in July each year; travel expenses are paid), as well as periodic video conferences. The CSTA Board of Directors provides oversight of CSTA to ensure its long-term health, including the organization’s planning, policies, and finances. The CSTA Board is a working board, and Directors and are expected to contribute meaningfully by participating on committees.   

In this volunteer position, you will: 

  • Attend regularly scheduled board meetings, including in-person and virtual, and review documents in preparation for meetings
  • Review and approve the organization’s annual budget
  • Recommend and set policy for the organization
  • Provide strategic leadership and planning
  • Support the organization’s mission and purpose
  • Serve on committees as needed

Open Positions

CSTA Board of Directors is seeking candidates for its annual election.  We are looking for diverse perspectives to represent our CSTA members. CSTA board positions up for election are:

  • K-8 Teacher Representative (U.S.-based applicants) — a classroom teacher who is currently teaching computer science at the elementary and/or middle school level (generally students aged 5-14).
  • 9-12 Teacher Representative (U.S.-based applicants) — a classroom teacher who is currently teaching computer science at the high school level (generally students aged 14-18).
  • At-Large Representative — an educator who engages with pre-collegiate computer science teaching and learning.
  • International Teacher Representative — an international (outside the United States) classroom teacher who is currently teaching or engaging in computer science education at the pre-collegiate level.
  • School District Representative — an administrator who oversees, in some capacity, district-wide computer science education efforts.
  • State Department Representative — an educator or administrator who reports to a state department of education and oversees, in some capacity, computer science education.
  • College/University Faculty Representative — a faculty member from a college or university computing department (which may include community colleges).

Election Process Timeline 

The election will take place online, beginning April 8, 2024. All CSTA+ members in good standing on this date are eligible to vote. The election will close on April 26, 2024. Results will be posted by May 20, 2024.

Please send election-related questions to the Nominations and Elections Committee Chair at