Posted by CSTA Conference Committee on Apr 29, 2021
Equity session recommendations
Here are some suggestions from the members of our Equity Committee.

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With more than 100 sessions to choose from, we know that planning for the CSTA 2021 Conference might feel a little overwhelming. To help you navigate, the CSTA Conference Committee has provided their recommendations for presentations you can’t miss to help get you started. Here are some suggestions from the members of our Equity Committee.

Including Students with Disabilities in CS 

Bird of a Feather presented by Richard Ladner, Sarah Ciras, Brianna Blaser, and Andreas Stefik 
This birds of a feather session will bring together individuals who are interested in increasing the representation of students with disabilities in computer science classes while setting such students up for classroom success. Participants will share strategies and resources to help each other do a better job of recruiting and including these students in CS classes. Resources related to accessible tools and instruction, universal design for learning, and opportunities for disabled students will be shared.

Using the Modern Classrooms approach to promote EDI 

Session presented by Tania DiTiberio 
This session contains important, equity-centered pedagogical approaches to be utilized, which emphasizes blended instruction, self-paced structure, mastery-based grading, Universal Design Learning and Differentiated instruction to create a classroom that promotes equity, diversity and inclusion. 

Queering Computer Science 

Session presented by NJ Rivilis 
Computer science can be an accidentally unwelcoming field for a lot of people, and this session will challenge our biases and dive into concrete strategies for creating a truly equitable and accessible computer science classroom for all students. This session will be a space to unpack existing assumptions, ask questions, and discuss how to create a more welcoming classroom for marginalized students, especially transgender and disabled students.
To view all of our equity-focused sessions at the conference, select the CSTA 2021 topics dropdown from our agenda page to filter down our program. We’ll also be featuring flash talks from our 2020-21 CSTA Equity Fellow Cohort on the main stage throughout the conference. We cannot wait to connect with you during these sessions and more during CSTA 2021! If you haven’t yet registered, head over to the CSTA 2021 website, and secure your spot!