Posted by CSTA Conference Committee on Apr 22, 2021
9-12 session recommendations
Here are some suggestions from our 9-12 Committee.

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With more than 100 sessions to choose from, we know that planning for the CSTA 2021 Conference might feel a little overwhelming. To help you navigate, the CSTA Conference Committee has provided their recommendations for presentations you can’t miss to help get you started. Here are some suggestions from our 9-12 Committee.

AP CS A: Physical Models of Java Inheritance

Session presented by Colleen Lewis and Nathan Roller 
Even though this session explicitly names AP CS A, the idea of using manipulatives and physical models to represent abstract concepts is an incredible pedagogical practice for any computer science classroom. Even though the physical models may be specific to Java, you will leave this session with ideas for how to integrate manipulatives into your own classroom regardless of the programming language you teach.

Identity Inclusive Computing 

Session presented by Owen Astrachan and Lien Diaz 
Identify inclusive computing “includes goals of increased recruitment, retention, and belonging for marginalized students, with a focus on creating environments that allow each student to find and create their space and their pace”. Learn how to center your students and their experiences in your classroom, and create an inclusive space for students to grow as they develop their skills in computer science. 

The Opportunity for Surprise 

Session presented by Pamela Whitlock 
This session centers the student experience and how educators can craft projects and experiences that stretch and excite our students. Presented by a classroom teacher, this session provides classroom-tested strategies and insights that can help stretch your existing assignments and projects.

Bytes of AI: Explore Current Events to Teach AI Literacy 

Mini session presented by Irena Trifunovic 
Learn how to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into your classroom in byte-sized chunks and incorporating current events. This is a great way to dip your feet into exploring issues of AI with students without diving into more advanced coding topics.

Teaching Cybersecurity: Introducing the Security Mindset

Workshop presented by Buffie Holley, Daniel D. Garcia, and Julia Bernd 
Finding the right way to frame cybersecurity for students can be challenging.  Students often think they’re learning how to be “hackers”, but the truth is far more nuanced. This workshop presents a series of lessons & strategies that prime students to think of cybersecurity in more realistic and problem-solving terms. No prior cybersecurity experience is needed. These lessons can be taught to students of many different abilities and interest levels.
To view all of our 9-12 sessions at the conference, head our agenda page to filter down our program by either grade band, or grade band and topic. We cannot wait to connect with you during these sessions and more during CSTA 2021! If you haven’t yet registered, head over to the CSTA 2021 website, and secure your spot!