Posted by CS Teacher Standards Resource Writers on Jul 05, 2021
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View CSTA 2021 session recommendations aligned to Standard 1. CS Knowledge and Skills.

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With more than 200 sessions to choose from, we know that planning for the CSTA 2021 Conference might feel a little overwhelming. This year, sessions are aligned to the CSTA Standards for CS Teachers to help you find targeted PD to address your professional learning goals.

To make it easier to find sessions, CS teacher standards resource writers have made recommendations for sessions aligned to each indicator of the standards. We will publish these recommendations for one standard each day this week. Today’s focus is Standard 1. CS Knowledge and Skills:

Effective CS teachers demonstrate and continuously develop thorough knowledge of CS content. They demonstrate proficiency with the CS concepts of the grade bands they teach, and they integrate these concepts with CS practices, including computational thinking. They also understand the progression of content before and after the grade bands they teach. The current content expectations are maintained in student standards aligned to the K-12 CS Framework.

1a. Apply CS practices

CS Everywhere: Integrating Cross-Curricular Integrated Unplugged CS
Session presented by Andrea Schmutz and Deborah Ivie, on Wednesday, July 14, from 4:10 – 4:55 p.m. ET. 

1b. Apply knowledge of computing systems

Retrocomputers in Education: An Experience Report 
Session presented by David Bock, on Thursday, July 15, from 2:35 – 2:55 p.m. ET 

1c. Model networks and the Internet

Making CS More Engaging in an Interconnected World
Session presented by DvinJean and Brian Boll, on Wednesday, July 14, from 1 – 2:30 p.m. ET 

1d. Use and analyze data

Where Are Your Data Stored? Demystifying Databases and SQL
Session presented by Rebecca Hoffart and MarcBoumedine, on Thursday, July 15, from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. ET 

1e. Develop programs and interpret algorithms

Dancing Algorithms
Session presented by Rosemary Bianchi, on Thursday, July 15, from 3 – 3:45 p.m. 

Secret Coders Teach Computational Thinking 
Session presented by Evan Ballard and Rachelle Haroldson, on Wednesday, July 14, from 1 -2:30 p.m. ET 

1f. Analyze impacts of computing

Designing Ethical AI in Your Classrooms
Presented by Sarah Judd, on Thursday, July 15, from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  

There are so many more to choose from! Use the agenda page to filter down our program. We cannot wait to connect with you during these sessions and more during CSTA 2021! If you haven’t yet registered, head over to the CSTA 2021 website, and secure your spot by July 8.