Posted by CSTA on Dec 10, 2019
Graphic of new standards for CS Teachers.
Effective K-12 CS teachers:
- demonstrate thorough CS knowledge and skills.
- Implement evidence-based practices as responsive classroom practitioners.
- Design learning experiences using pedagogical content knowledge.
- Continuously develop knowledge, practice, and professional identity.
- advocate for equity and inclusion in the CS classroom.

The Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) announced its new Standards for CS Teachers at a celebration of Computer Science Education Week. 

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The Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) announced its new Standards for CS Teachers at a celebration of Computer Science Education Week. 
The Standards for Computer Science (CS) Teachers are designed to provide clear guidance around effective, equitable, and rigorous CS instruction for all K-12 students. They establish robust benchmarks for the teachers who prepare students to meet CS learning objectives, and are a complement to the universal outcomes for students found in the K-12 Computer Science Framework (2016) and CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards (2017).
The Standards for CS Teachers articulate what effective K-12 CS teachers should know and be able to do in the classroom, which will guide both novice and veteran CS teachers’ professional learning and establish benchmarks for professional development providers,” said CSTA Executive Director Jake Baskin. “CSTA is excited to make this contribution to the field of CS education and grateful to the numerous partners who supported the development of these Standards.” 
CSTA launched the effort to revise the Standards for CS Teachers in partnership with the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). Originally published by ISTE as the Standards for CS Educators in 2003, the Standards were last updated in 2011 and rewritten in 2019 for release in 2020. A team of writers from diverse backgrounds and deep expertise in CS education was selected to rewrite the Standards from among 130 applicants. The writing team created multiple drafts of the Standards and solicited feedback through two public feedback periods, several in-person feedback sessions, virtual focus groups, and strategic interviews with educators, university faculty, researchers, district and state leaders, and PD providers.
“ISTE is committed to supporting educators as they prepare students to thrive in careers of the future,” said ISTE CEO Richard Culatta. “We were excited to continue our long-standing collaboration with CSTA to provide these updated Standards for CS Teachers.” 
This week, CSTA is publishing the full Standards, with an interactive web version that includes supplementary information and resources. The writing team will develop appendices to support the use of these Standards, for release in 2020. For more information about the CSTA Standards for CS Teachers, visit our standards page.