Welcome to the CSTA Volunteer Spotlight series, where we celebrate the incredible individuals who dedicate their time and passion to making a difference in the CSTA community. Join us in recognizing and appreciating the extraordinary efforts of Glenda in their role with the Middle School Subcommittee within the Conference Committee.  

What inspired you to volunteer your time with CSTA? How has this experience impacted you?

In 2023, my career faced turbulence, prompting me to rediscover myself. This change served as an awakening. I realized the importance of sharing my journey and promoting my passion for computer science. I actively worked toward academic excellence and initiated service projects to support underserved communities. Volunteering with CSTA allowed me to give back and make a positive impact.

How long have you been involved with CSTA, and what motivated you to join?

I’ve had an on/off relationship with CSTA, in my 30-year career as a high school CS teacher. I attended conferences and followed the mailing list. My involvement with CSTA has been deeply rewarding, allowing me to contribute to the field of computer science education while connecting with passionate educators worldwide. I appreciated the community of other CS teachers. Computer science is often underrecognized as a discipline, and CSTA helps us from being seen as just an optional add-on.

Can you share any memorable experiences or highlights from your involvement with CSTA?

As a volunteer on the 2024 conference committee, I deeply appreciated the dedication and collaborative spirit of like-minded individuals. My assignment to the Middle School Committee allowed me to work closely with an admirable team leader whose enthusiasm and commitment were truly inspiring. Also, being a member of the CSTANJ and CSTANYC, the gatherings are always fun, with great discussions and excellent venues like the offices of Microsoft, which led me to other volunteer opportunities.

How has CSTA impacted your teaching career and professional development?

As a computer science teacher within CSTA, I had the opportunity to participate in a grant task force aimed at developing a repository of successful activities known as ‘CSTips’.

Are there any specific initiatives or projects within CSTA that you’ve been particularly passionate about?

As a Latina, first-generation woman in a male-dominated field, CSTA actively works to dismantle barriers in CS education through initiatives like the Equity in Action Summit. Guided by CSTA Equity Fellows, they explore strategies to make CS education accessible, equitable, and representative for all.

What does the future of CSTA look like?

CSTA recognizes the evolving landscape of computer science education in the era of AI. They lead efforts to incorporate AI tools into CS education while emphasizing the importance of educator voices in shaping this future.