Nominations for CSTA’s Board of Directors are held annually. After the close of the nomination period, the Nominations and Elections Committee of the Board selects the three best-qualified applicants in each category for inclusion on the ballot. The Committee considers the following factors in their selection:

  • prior experience with regard to board position;
  • professional reputation;
  • overall educational and nonprofit experience;
  • leadership skills and experience;
  • prior contributions to CSTA;
  • alignment of prior work to CSTA’s mission; and
  • understanding of the core issues in CS education.

Individuals must be a member of CSTA in good standing to be considered. Candidate statements are posted online for members’ review and ballots are distributed in March. CSTA members in good standing are eligible to vote. The voting poll is open for one month and election results are posted soon after. Newly elected directors begin their term at the summer board meeting following their election.

The 2022 election period is now open. 

CSTA Bylaws 

CSTA Policy Manual