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The checklist (rubric) has been developed as a tool to assist CS teachers in reflecting on their own progress toward meeting the CSTA Standards for CS Teachers. Teachers may complete the checklist on their own, in partnership with a school or district instructional coach or administrator, as part of a teacher preparation program, or as part of a professional development opportunity. The self-reflection checklist can be used in conjunction with the Roadmap for Professional Learning to plan targeted professional learning opportunities.

Sample of Checklist


How to Use

In order to use the CS Teachers Self-Reflection Checklist, teachers should save a copy of the checklist in their Google Drive or download a PDF of the checklist to be printed. This will allow for continual reference to and updating of the checklist as the teacher grows as a professional. 

It is likely that teachers will not complete all tabs on the spreadsheet (pages on the PDF) and/or all information on each tab at the same time. For example, if a teacher is attending professional learning about equity, the teacher may concentrate on appropriate indicators on the Standard 2 (Equity and Inclusion) tab and the Standard 3 (Personal Growth and Identity) tab, or if a school or district administrator has asked a teacher to concentrate on learning content, teachers may concentrate on Standard 1 (CS Knowledge and Skills).

  1. Because Standard 1 refers to the CS content that a teacher needs to know in order to teach content to students, a separate sheet has been provided for each grade band in the CSTA K-12 CS Student Standards with the student standards as indicators. For Standard 1 tabs, teachers should:
    • Hide or delete the grade band tabs which do not apply to them. If using a PDF version of the standards, teachers should remove the pages that do not apply to them. For example, an elementary CS teacher, may want to hide, delete, or remove the grade band tabs for grades 6-8, 9-10, and 11-12 while a high school CS teacher, may want to hide, delete, or remove the grade band tabs for grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8.
    • Teachers in states and districts that have their own K-12 CS Student Standards may want to replace the CSTA K-12 CS Standards in their copy of the checklist with their CS student standards.
  2. Indicate Not Yet, Proficient, or Advanced for each indicator on the appropriate tabs.
  3. Note Evidence of Proficiency for any indicators where Proficient or Advanced was selected. Evidence will vary depending on the standard and conditions under which the teacher is completing the checklist and could include:
    • Lessons plans
    • Courses completed
    • Professional Learning Certificates
    • Book study participation
    • Professional organization participation
    • Videos
    • Results of survey of students
  4. Note Reflections & Next Steps. Next steps could include:
    • Collaboration with peers, mentor teachers, teachers in other subject areas
    • Planned professional learning
    • Twitter chats
    • Book studies
    • Community engagement
    • Externships

Teachers should refer to the checklist and update, as needed, to reflect their continuous learning.



Vicky Sedgwick, Deborah Seehorn, Dan Blier, Joanne Barrett, and Annette Walter


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