As a computer science teacher, you are often the only one in your building or maybe even your district. But there’s a whole community of computer science educators out there! Connect with them at the CSTA Annual Conference, held each year in July.

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Join Us for the Virtual CSTA 2023 Annual Conference

Connect with the world’s largest computer science department at the CSTA 2023 Virtual Conference, set for July 11–13, 2023. We’re returning to Hopin this year to provide more teachers with access to the CSTA conference experience, regardless of where they are located.

History of the CSTA Annual Conference

Once known as the Computer Science & Information Technology (CS&IT) Symposium, the CSTA Annual Conference has continued to grow since its inception in 2000. How many of these conferences have you been to? We’d love to hear your experiences! Email to share your story.

2023, Virtual
2022, Chicago, IL
2021, Virtual
2020, Virtual
2019, Phoenix, AZ
2018, Omaha, NE
2017, Baltimore, MD
2016, San Diego, CA
2015, Grapevine, TX

2014, St. Charles, IL
2013, Quincy, MA
2012, Irvine, CA
2011, New York, NY
2010, Mountain View, CA
2009, Washington, DC
2008, San Antonio, TX
2007, Atlanta, GA
2006, San Diego, CA

2005, Philadelphia, PA
2005, St. Louis, MO
2004, New Orleans, LA
2003, Seattle, WA
2002, San Antonio, TX
2001, Chicago, IL
2000, Atlanta, GA