As the graphic below represents, the purpose of this tool is to assist teachers in improving their practice by identifying areas of focus for professional learning. Regardless of the CS teacher’s entry point, the roadmap helps identify focus areas for professional learning within the CSTA Standards for CS Teachers. The Roadmap for Professional Learning was developed to support teachers who teach computer science in developing plans for their professional learning. School and district administrators, and instructional coaches may also find this tool helpful when working with CS teachers. 

Roadmap for Professional Learning
Roadmap for Professional Learning

How to Use

Teachers should select their current CS experience level to determine their starting point. We recommend using this tool with the Self-Reflection Checklist to help narrow professional learning foci. We expect that new teachers and experienced teachers new to teaching CS would need to focus heavily on Standard 1 to start while more experienced CS teachers and new teachers with CS industry experience may focus on areas where they have the most need for growth. Teachers should understand that this is not a straight-line path and that it will not be accomplished in a single school year. Using a combination of internal and external professional learning, reading of texts, watching videos, hands-on programming, and collaboration with peers are some of the ways teachers will grow their content knowledge and practices.  

We also believe that learning is a continuous process. Therefore, even an experienced CS teacher must continue their journey through professional learning and support peers on their paths toward becoming experienced CS teachers.


Summary Roadmap

Below is a summary of the professional learning roadmap for the four defined teacher experience levels. Click the headings below to view the detailed version for a specific experience level.


Vicky Sedgwick, Deborah Seehorn, Dan Blier, Joanne Barrett, and Annette Walter

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