Local chapters are the beating heart of CSTA. They build community among computer science teachers who may be isolated in their own schools, provide professional development to help teachers improve their craft, and connect local teacher voices to the national computer science education community.

CSTA has at least one local chapter in all 50 US states, the territories of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, and several countries abroad. At this time, CSTA will only on-board new chapters once a year, leading up to the CSTA Annual Conference and Chapter Leadership Summit (CLS). 

A Year in the Life of a CSTA Chapter

CSTA Michigan poses for a group photo.
CSTA Michigan members pose for a group photo with their logo banner.
  • July–August
    • Chapter Leadership Summit and CSTA Annual Conference 
    • Set chapter growth goals for the upcoming year
    • Map out a calendar of chapter events for the upcoming year
  • August–December
    • Chapter programming (meetups, PD, etc.)
    • Chapter Leader Learning Series (monthly)
  • January–February
    • Mid-Year Chapter Leadership Summit and mid-year chapter reporting
  • February–May
    • Chapter programming (meetups, PD, etc.)
    • Chapter Leader Learning Series (monthly)
    • Chapter and membership feedback survey (May)
  • June
    • Annual chapter reporting

CSTA Chapter Formation Requirements

As you begin to think about forming a new chapter, please keep these requirements in mind:

  • A clearly defined geographic boundary
  • A chapter name reflective of the geographic region 
  • A formal set of bylaws using a template provided by CSTA
  • At least ten (10) founding members from multiple schools or organizations
  • Representation from elementary, middle, and high school grade bands
  • At least four (4) chapter meetings/events scheduled within the next twelve (12) months (beyond board meetings)
  • Detailed, planned activities that focus on teacher PD and community building
  • Founding officers are CSTA+ members
  • A commitment to meeting minimum requirements in the Chapter Success Rubric, including:
    • supports a growing, diverse community of CS teachers
    • holds at least four (4) meetings/events per year
    • maintains virtual community
    • sends regular (at least quarterly) newsletters
    • holds regular officer elections
    • maintains a chapter website presence via CSTA’s web platform
    • responsive to CSTA HQ and Chapter Relations Manager
    • maintains operating budget (even if $0 balance)

CSTA Chapter Benefits

We’ve asked you to make a strong commitment to CS educators in your area. In return, CSTA will provide you with the support you need to create a thriving community by providing the following resources:

  • Approved use of the CSTA name
  • Creation and unlimited use of a CSTA chapter logo
  • Access to grant funding to support chapter programming (US chapters only; funded by CSTA+ membership dues)
  • An industry-leading website and member database for your chapter
  • Listing of regular meeting times/activities on CSTA’s website
  • Advice and support from CSTA’s Chapter Relations Support Team
  • Access to CSTA promotional materials
  • Semiannual Chapter Leadership Summits for all Chapter Leaders, plus monthly Chapter Leader Learning Series webinars
  • Publicity of professional development opportunities in the region
  • Facilitation of connections to local business partners, nonprofit organizations, and post-secondary institutions interested in K–12 issues

Annual CSTA New Chapter Formation Timeline

  • January: New chapter application period opens.
  • March: New chapter applications are due to CSTA no later than the second Friday in March.
  • May: New CSTA chapters are notified of acceptance.
  • July: New chapter on-boarding occurs during the Chapter Leadership Summit at the CSTA Annual Conference (new chapters must commit to sending at least two Chapter Leaders to the Chapter Leadership Summit for on-boarding).

Chapter Application Pre-Work

Chapter applications must be approved by the CSTA Board of Directors. All completed applications are subject to approval by the CSTA Executive Committee, based on the recommendations of CSTA Chapter Relations and the Executive Director. 

To complete a draft of your application before submitting the online application below, download a PDF copy here: Chapter Formation Application

Have questions about your chapter formation application? Contact Chapter Relations at chapters@csteachers.org