Bethany Goossen

My CSTA Story

As the STEM teacher for my school, I often felt isolated amidst of traditional educators. Despite my enthusiasm for technology and computer science, I was the sole computer science instructor. My school struggled to know how best to support tech education, making it challenging to find resources and connect with like-minded educators. I discovered the CSTA online through the standards first. I was so happy to learn that, beyond the resources, I found an engaging community. CSTA provided resources, professional development, and a supportive network, helping me grow as a STEM teacher. Becoming part of CSTA allowed me to compare the goals for my school and my work to what was standard for the computer science teachers’ community.

My Story

With a lifelong passion for making and tinkering, I’ve proudly worn the badge of a maker nerd and am happy to share the passion for coding with my students. Over the past two decades, I’ve channeled this passion into the education as a teacher, department lead, and curriculum producer. My journey in education has taken me through diverse settings, from being a teacher in a traditional classroom, to supplemental education classes, to working with non-profit community organizations, collaborating with groups like Girls Who Code to empower the next generation of tech-savvy young women. I’m excited to be part of the Awards Committee and can’t wait to see what the upcoming year will bring for the CSTA.