Carla Neely

My CSTA Story

Since joining CSTA in 2018, Carla has come to appreciate and respect how much scope computer science offers for students to add their own individuality and creativity. Carla believes that students need to be exposed to computer science beginning at the early grades, just as they require early exposure to learn a second language. Computer science needs to be equal and equitable for all students, and Carla considers herself an advocate for girls in computer science, especially girls of color and girls from other underrepresented communities.

My Story

Carla Neely is a middle school science and computer science teacher. She has found a way to integrate the two subjects together, resulting in memorable learning experiences for all of her students. She also travels around the world to share with teachers the ways in which to integrate computer science into core subjects. Carla was a member of the 2021-2022 CSTA Equity Fellow Cohort. She is currently a member of CSTA’s Board of Directors as the K-8 Teacher Representative.