Charlene Saintjean

My CSTA Story

I began as a media specialist. My goal was to equip my students with skill sets in connection to keyboarding and google apps. From there it blossomed. I began with makerspaces and attending pathfinders workshops. Then I took CS summer classes at Hood college and school year PD to build my knowledge. It did not stop there. I went onto join common ground conferences as a presenter, joined MCCE as a teacher of beginner CT integration classes, and joined CSTA, as well as becoming a leader in the Maryland chapter. I am so excited for this next part in my CS journey.

My Story

I was borned and raised in NYC. I have wonderful memories of ES and MS but I am especially fond of my HS years spent at the HS of Art and Design. I received my degrees at Brooklyn, York College, and AIU. I taught in the NYC public schools as an GED math and science teacher. Here we also worked together to prepare these young people for college and career. In 2012, I married and moved to Maryland and began my next teaching chapter. I became a media specialist and CT integration instructor through the vehicle of literature. I serve as Equity, Specialist team, and New teacher lead. I have a passion for supporting PreK-5 students in becoming well round 21st century learners and problem-solvers.