Daa’iyah Cooke

My CSTA Story

Daa’iyah started her journey with CSTA when she inquired about the process to reinstate the Computer Science Honor Society (CSHS) at her school. She was guided through the process and offered an opportunity to get a scholarship. She won the scholarship which provided grant money to help promote outreach programs for the CSHS and paid for her to attend the 2022 CSTA Conference in Chicago. Daa’iyah found additional CSTA opportunities and applied to the CSTA Equity Fellowship Program. She has always been an advocate for those who are underrepresented and knew the program was a path should take to help others. Daa’iyah is a 2023-2024 CSTA Equity Fellow. To continue her mission to help students and teachers she applied for and was accepted as a CSTA Black Affinity mentor for new teachers. Daa’iyah is always looking for opportunities of professional growth and learning and CSTA is the place to do it.

My Story

Daa’iyah Cooke started her teaching career in 2017 at Woodlawn High School as a Technology Education teacher. In 2021, she was offered the opportunity to work close to home at Frederick High School where she teaches Computer Science (AP Computer Science Principles, Foundations of Computer Science and Advanced Computing Concepts – a cybersecurity class). This will be her 11th year in education and 7th year teaching. Daa’iyah is passionate about inspiring students, instilling confidence and helping them find their love of computer science. She has a Bachelors in Information Systems with a Business Administration minor from University of MD Global Campus (UMGC) and a Masters in Management of Information Technology from Hood College. Daa’iyah strives to bring computer science to all students and mentors the Robotics Club, Computer Science Honor Society and maintains her technology education roots by volunteering as the Vice President for Technology & Engineering Educators of Maryland (TEEAM)