Delmar Wilson

My CSTA Story

Since becoming a CS teacher in 2017, Delmar has been a driving force in creating a more equitable computer science culture for students at his school. As a 2023 CSTA Equity Fellow, his dedication to increasing equity in computer science extends beyond the classroom. Delmar tirelessly advocates for underrepresented students and organizes extracurricular activities to engage and empower them. Through his work within and outside of the classroom, Delmar strives to break down barriers, empower underrepresented students, and cultivate an environment where everyone feels valued, supported, and capable of achieving their dreams in the field of computer science.

My Story

Delmar Wilson has been a public school educator for seventeen years, and he has taught mathematics, AP Computer Science Principles, and Cambridge Thinking Skills at Miami Springs Senior High. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Delmar is chair of the math department, ESSAC chairperson, union steward, and head coach of boys’ varsity basketball.

As Delmar began working on his doctorate degree in 2013, he came to the realization that there weren’t enough minorities in computer science. He created an AP CSP course at his school and began by recruiting his ninth graders, none had ever dreamed of taking a computer science course, much less an AP course. Over the years, this course has become a student favorite, and in 2021 he started the school’s first Computer Science Honor Society. As a veteran teacher, Delmar continues to push CS forward by utilizing his CS Honor Society to broaden CS participation and by introducing students to CS during Computer Science Week. Delmar believes that computer science is not just for a select few; it is for everyone. It has the power to transcend boundaries, break barriers, and unlock the unlimited potential within each and every student. As teachers of the 21st century, we have a commitment to ensure that we are effectively preparing our students to be future leaders.