Edge Angeles

My CSTA Story

Although Edge had attended CSTA conferences and became a bag stuffer in Omaha in 2018, he didn’t really know what to expect, or that it would lead him to love the people who were involved. From stuffing bags to meeting with CSTA’s executive director to leading the first non-American CSTA chapter to serving on the board, Edge is inspired to keep going by the people he shares the love with and the people who share it along the way.

My Story

Edge is currently a licensed high school CS teacher, and he has been teaching CS and computer education since 2005. He has taught at several of the premier private high schools in the Philippines, and he spent a considerable amount of time teaching theoretical CS and software development at the tertiary level. While working at the university level, Edge contributed to the recommendations for the curricula of bachelor’s degrees in computer science and entertainment and multimedia computing. Edge now works to generate computer science content and curricula at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.