Glenda Guerrero

My CSTA Story

CSTA has proven indispensable for Glenda professionally. Attending technology conferences tailored to k12 Computer Science has been instrumental in fostering innovative teaching methods and connecting with like-minded educators. With over 30 years of experience, Glenda finds continual learning and development through these events. The experience is not only enjoyable and stimulating but also enriching, contributing to her ongoing growth and enthusiasm for teaching.

My Story

Dr. Glenda Guerrero has dedicated herself to lifelong learning for almost 30 years, focusing on helping students achieve success in the fields of computer science and engineering. With her expertise in grade-level content, Dr. Guerrero employs inquiry, observation, and evaluation as the basis for assessing and improving student learning in a manner that is appropriate for their age and language needs. While her initial interest in this field was sparked by her experience as the daughter of immigrants, her passion for justice and empathy towards individuals with developmental disabilities have compelled her to serve a wide range of students. As a first-generation Latina in S.T.E.M., Dr. Guerrero has fulfilled her mission by mentoring groups that are often underrepresented in terms of race, gender, and ability. She has encouraged self-exploration and empowered innovative approaches to learning, which have helped to support the academic achievements of students who have traditionally been marginalized.