Jake Baskin (He/Him)


• What it’s *really* like teaching K–12 CS and how CSTA can help you connect, grow, and share as a CS teacher
• Ideas for the future of CSTA

My CSTA Story

From my first week in the classroom, it was clear that I needed support. Although I worked with amazing colleagues, I was the only computer science teacher. As a one-person department, I was isolated. I wanted to connect with other CS teachers, and I had questions that could not be answered within my school or district.

Thankfully, I found CSTA’s Chicago chapter. During my first chapter meeting, they shared one of the early versions of the Exploring Computer Science curriculum. Three days later, my class was starting the first lesson in the curriculum, and I became a lifelong CSTA member.

My Story

Jake is the executive director of the Computer Science Teachers Association, the world’s leading association for K–12 computer science teachers. In this role, he led a complete turnaround of CSTA from the brink of insolvency to a thriving professional development and community-building association of over 20,000 members and 100 chapters worldwide. During his tenure, CSTA’s conference attendance has quadrupled. The organization has launched professional learning programs reaching over 5,000 participants annually, secured over $20 million in new funding commitments, and grown from a staff of two to a team of twenty.

He is a former high school computer science teacher, department chair, and professional development provider with Chicago Public Schools. As a teacher, he focused on increasing access to computing for underrepresented groups, and he more than doubled female enrollment in introductory computer science classes.

Prior to joining CSTA, he was director of state government affairs for Code.org, where he worked with educators and policymakers to advocate for policies that expand access to high-quality computer science education with state departments of education and governors’ offices across the country.