Juan Marquez

My CSTA Story

Juan is a teacher that enjoys using all available tools for success. He discovered how technology can give voice and ownership to students’ learning, but soon, he felt lonely. No many teachers like to try new things, even less technology. When he heard about a group of teachers that help each other for CS learning, teaching and implementing it in the classroom, he didn’t hesitate from joining. This has been 6 years and he is now an active CSTA member.

My Story

Juan is a passionate teacher who strongly believe in the Power of Yet and growth mindset. He lives by these believes inside an outside the classroom. Origanlly from Mexico, Juan came to the US and became a bilingual teacher. He has taught in Title I schools with major focus on ESLs. “One thing I really enjoy from teaching school year is witnessing the whole transformation that students go through. Watching them how things were at the beginning and then at the end of the year is so rewarding.”