Julie York

My CSTA Story

Julie York helped found the main chapter of CSTA out of a desire to meet other teachers in the state and grow connections with people outside of her school district and classroom. As one of the only computer science teachers in her building, Julie really wanted to gain more networking opportunities with computer science teachers throughout the state and country. What really attracted her to CSTA was the idea that it is not just a state program but a program that extends across the country and even to other countries around the world. Eventually, she was honored to be selected as a 2023 CSTA Equity Fellow and got a chance to develop her leadership skills and meet others in the country working on issues she is passionate about. As someone who loves community and building communities within her own life, Julie really enjoys being part of an organization that emphasizes building a strong network of communities throughout the country. The opportunities that CSTA presents, like being on the conference committee and having chances to speak at different locations and with different organizations, are incredible!

My Story

Julie York has been teaching computer science and media electives at South Portland High School in South Portland, Maine since she was hired in 2002. Hired to teach Video Production, she has gone on to develop and maintain many new classes for the school community that include Animation & Game Design, Digital Graphics, Advanced Technology, and Introduction to Computer Science. Community and joy are two main focuses in her life and teaching: with representation, inclusion, involvement, creating, passion, empathy, and diversity at the forefront of her planning and development. She is married with two children and has two businesses she founded and continues to run for fans of anime and gaming in Maine: Weekend Anime & Games and PortConMaine.