Kingsley Onyekachi Okpeh

My CSTA Story

Kingsley joined CSTA in 2015 and has since enriched his knowledge of computer science education. With a background in computer science education and technology, his passion for this field has driven him to become a prominent CSTA/CS Equity Advocate for the Computer Science Teachers Association, where he champions diversity and inclusion. He considers himself fortunate to be a part of CSTA’s mission and is inspired every day by the dedication of CSTA members, both inside and outside the classroom, to support computer science teachers and their students. Kingsley has also volunteered in numerous CSTA programs, actively promoting equitable access to computer science education. His commitment to breaking down barriers and ensuring that students and educators enjoy equitable access to the world of technology remains unwavering. Kingsley continues to make significant contributions to the tech industry while fostering collaboration among CS educators and reaching underserved populations.

My Story

Kingsley’s journey spans business growth and passionate advocacy for computer science education. He’s dedicated to underserved communities, actively promotes computer science education, and fosters tech camaraderie. He has led growth initiatives that break boundaries and redefine success. His remarkable ability to innovate and adapt has been instrumental in expanding markets and propelling organizations to greater heights. He collaborates actively with non-profit organizations, utilizing his skills and network to drive meaningful change and uplift communities. His journey stands as a testament to his passion for collaboration and knowledge-sharing.He is resolutely devoted to bridging the realms of technology, education, and business. Kingsley harnesses the power of digital platforms to craft impactful marketing campaigns, thereby expanding brand reach and influence in the digital age. All the while, he serves as a dedicated CSTA volunteer and advocate, poised to contribute tirelessly to the growth of computer education.