Lori Goldade

My CSTA Story

While working as a district technology director for a rural school district, Lori stepped into the classroom to teach computer science in 2011. After graduating with a Master of Science in educational technology and being a recipient of the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing award, Lori joined CSTA in 2017 to find connection with a broader community of computer science educators. As a doctoral candidate in educational leadership, Lori focuses her research on CS education in marginalized communities. She remains committed to making computer science accessible and equitable as the Professional Learning Product Manager at Code.org.

My Story

Prior to coming to Code.org as the Professional Learning Product Manager, Lori spent 20 years as a district technology director and high school computer science teacher in a rural K12 district and the last 5 years creating PD experiences for computer science teachers. Lori has presented on numerous topics including CS pedagogy, JavaScript, Python, Java, Cybersecurity, Exploring Computer Science, and AP CS Principles. As an NCWIT Aspirations in Computing award recipient, Lori continually strives to help women and marginalized populations find their voice in CS fields.