Maggie Chenoweth

My CSTA Story

Maggie became a member of CSTA in 2017 when she began teaching AP Computer Science Principles. Since then, she has taken an active role as a Chapter Leader with CSTA West Virginia and a volunteer on the conference committee. Maggie has been a member of the Ad Hoc and High School Subcommittees and currently serves as the Admin/Coaching Strand Lead for the annual conference. Through these experiences, she’s witnessed firsthand the incredible impact CSTA has on educators and students alike, and she is grateful for the opportunities and connections it has provided.

My Story

Maggie is Cabell County’s Academic Specialist for High School Mathematics. Prior to this position, she taught math and computer science at Cabell Midland High School and was an instructor at Marshall University. Maggie is a National Board Certified Teacher, Apple Learning Coach, and Prisms Paladin. In 2018, she was honored as Cabell County’s Teacher of the Year and recognized as a Diversity Champion by, making her school the first in West Virginia to enter’s CS Principles Hall of Fame. Maggie is an active member of the education community, contributing to initiatives such as the West Virginia Leaders of Numeracy and presenting at the California STEAM Symposium. She is passionate about promoting computer science education and is thrilled to serve as CSTA’s Admin/Coaching Strand Lead for the annual conference.