Myra Deister

My CSTA Story

I became a member of CSTA in 2005 when I was asked to begin teaching AP Computer Science A. Prior to that, I had already taught various programming classes for a few years. One of my achievements during this time was persuading the local computer science teachers’ group to apply to be a CSTA chapter. We put in the effort, and our application was approved! Over the years, I have been instrumental in establishing two additional chapters. The collaborative spirit within our chapters has greatly contributed to my professional growth.

In 2007, I was elected to the CSTA board and served for 7 years. Subsequently, I took on various volunteer roles such as reviewing conference submissions, curriculum evaluation, and being an active conference committee member. I am profoundly grateful to CSTA for fostering my development as an educator.

My Story

Myra Deister is a passionate educator with over 35 years of experience teaching mathematics and computer science at the secondary level. She infuses innovative use of technology into her classes and assists her colleagues with technology use. She is a CSTA Greater Los Angeles board member, OCCUE (ISTE Affiliate) board, and State Network of Educators. Myra served on the California Computer Science Standards Committee, as an Ambassador for CS for All Teachers and has presented at the CSTA Annual Conference, CUE, OCCUE, SGVCUE, Orange County Math Council, CMC and CTA Summer Webinars, and CTA Good Teaching Conference.