Rudy Escobar

My CSTA Story

Since joining CSTA, Rudy has been an active member of CSTA Sacramento and CSTA California Far North. As a tech manager, he provides technical support and promotes equitable access to computer science education. Rudy is also a leader in the CSTA LatinX Affinity Group and a member of the CSTA Policy Committee, contributing to discussions on advocacy, policy, and professional development. He is committed to CSTA’s mission of promoting high-quality CS education for all students.

My Story

Rudy Escobar is a STEM and computer science coordinator with expertise in STEM, particularly science, computer science, and engineering. With over a decade of experience, he is a highly accomplished educator who consistently advocates for equitable access to computer science and STEM education. Prior to his career in education, Rudy worked in the pharmaceutical, environmental, and food industries using his engineering, science, and computer science background. Rudy specializes in PreK–12 computer science, STEM, physical computing, robotics, project-based learning (PBL), engineering, science, NGSS assessments, and PBL curriculum development.

Rudy promotes computer science and STEM education in California through conferences, workshops, and initiatives, advocating for equitable opportunities for all students, particularly underrepresented ones. As a micro:bit champion he has directed micro:bit and science conferences. Rudy has developed resources, provided professional development, and created partnerships to promote computer science and STEM education throughout the state. He has developed distance learning resources and organized C-STEM camps for underrepresented students. Rudy has also collaborated with local universities to support future educators and tutors in STEM and computer science.

Rudy has also partnered with organizations to advocate for and develop project-based STEM lessons. He has provided support for English=language learners, Universal Design for Learning, and social-emotional learning in K–2 science and engineering lessons for the California Department of Education. Rudy’s expertise has been instrumental in evaluating and revising training tools and incorporating current trends and data into the standard curricula for science, computer science, and engineering.