Shaina Glass, M.Ed. (She/Her)


• CSTA Equity Fellowship Program (Current Fellows and Alumni)
• CSTA Student and Teacher Standards (Alignment)
• Educator-Led Policy and Advocacy

My CSTA Story

When learning more about computer science for her students, Shaina started looking for her village of like-minded educators. Someone recommended she become a member of her local CSTA chapter and apply to attend that year’s CSTA conference. Shaina applied for a scholarship (and got it!), attended the conference, and learned so much about the impact of CSTA chapters. After returning home, she connected with her local chapter, helped build community by connecting CS educators in her district with her local chapter, and applied to be an Equity Fellow. Shaina accepted every opportunity to strengthen CS teachers, in her then-district and now across the whole country!

My Story

Shaina develops, supports, and facilitates programs and professional learning experiences for computer science educators, CSTA members, and Chapter Leaders.

Prior to joining CSTA, Shaina worked in education for 16 years, educating students and teachers alike. As technology applications and STEM program director for Aldine Independent School District in Texas, she worked to expand equitable access to STEM, technology, and computer science instruction to over 65,000 PreK–12 students. She also serves as a member of CSforTX, Texas’s Computer Science Advocacy Coalition and the president of CSTA Greater Houston, as well as a writer for the CSTA K–12 CS Standards, and the Texas K–8 Technology Applications standards.

In her free time, Shaina enjoys yoga, painting, cooking, and spending time with her family.