Sofia De Jesus

My CSTA Story

Sofía first learned about CSTA when she was looking for resources for a program in Computational Thinking she was building for a school where she taught. She fell in love with the community and the resources she has found as part of CSTA. She has volunteered in multiple committees through CSTA and is a 2023-24 Equity Fellow.

My Story

Sofía De Jesús is the author of Applied Computational Thinking with Python (2nd edition due out 2024), and has over 20 years of experience in education, combining time in the classroom with curriculum design and providing professional development to other educators. Sofía completed a Masters in teacher education and all coursework for an EdD (abd). Sofía is the associate program manager and Spanish outreach lead for CMU CS Academy team. She has presented in multiple national and international conferences on equitable CS education, accessibility, and equitable assessment practices. Sofía is a 2023-24 CSTA Equity Fellow.