Wonjin Yu

My CSTA Story

As an elementary school teacher who taught computer science in South Korea, he has also offered a lot of free and fun computer science activities to community kids both in South Korea and the U.S. Now, he is in the U.S. to study abroad, so he has expanded the scope of his interest in computer science in a broader context. In this context, he has been engaged in the CSTA conference since 2021 and served as a conference committee member in an elementary sub-committee for 2024 and 2025.

My Story

Wonjin is a PhD student in Learning Design and Technology at Purdue University in the United States. He has worked in South Korea as an elementary school teacher in Daegu city since 2012 and as a university lecturer at Daegu National University of Education (DNUE) in 2021. He taught computer science education, including software education and EdTech, to pre-and in-service teachers in South Korea. His interests include computational thinking and various emerging technologies in education, with a current focus on AI education.