Meet the 2022 Board Candidates

Candidates went through a thorough vetting process using a rubric created by the Nominations and Elections committee. CSTA+ members will be receiving a ballot from ElectionBuddy. Of course, if you are not yet a CSTA+ member, you can upgrade your membership by April 21, 2022, and receive access to a ballot.

K-8 Representative 

Abigail Joseph 

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9-12 Representative  

Yolanda Lozano

Jose L. Silva-Smith

Debbie Weissmann 

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At-Large Representative 

Jared Amalong 

Nimmi Arunachalam

Jared O’Leary 

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College/University Faculty Representative

Dennis Brylow 

Richard Ladner

Tasha Penwell 

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International Teacher Representative 

Anna Alfano

Adrian Arenas Angeles 

Allen Tsui

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State Department Representative 

Emma-Marie Banks 

Cindi Chang 

Dawn Morrison 

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Teacher Education Representative 

Crystal Franklin 

Charity Freeman 

Christine Liebe 

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